Unresolved Issues and childhood wounds

are linked to fear, anxiety and depression.

If you would be willing to sit for one hour with anyone and chat from the past or present
who would you choose, what would you need to say and hear….
If that happened, even if it is a virtual dialog,
maybe clear, concise, realistic goal negotiations for happyness would be possible for you and those influenced by you.

Unresolved issues can negatively affect us and our relationships, especially where we pass on information unconsciously.
Whether your unresolved issues originate from disappointments in past or present relationships, you shouldn’t choose to remain enslaved to them and pass them to the next generation.
It is possible to confront unresolved issues and work through them until you reach a healthy resolution.
We live in a time of disruptive changeHow are we going to protect our children in the face of overwhelming negative emotions such as anger, fear and prejudice? 

Teachers, parents, educators
benefit from learning how to liberate the energy blocked around those unresolved issues and
teach the process to our children,

so that they can transform
fear to courage,
greed to compassion and
ignorance to inquiry.



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